Waun-Oer Ridge

It has been a while since I went for a good walk so when I eventually managed to fit one in I decided I would try a new route and one I have been wanting to do for a while the Waun-oer Ridge taking in the peaks of Waun-oer, Craig Portas & Maesglase (Maen Du).

The conditions at the beginning of the walk were pretty grim to say the least, low cloud, rain, wind and poor visibility resulted in me keeping the DSLR in the rucksack, I used my phone camera while we passed the ruins of Cloddfa Gwanas quarry and the peak of Waun-oer in fact it didn’t make an appearance until I stopped for lunch at the saddle just before the ascent of Craig Portas. When the cloud eventually lifted it was very welcome as the long awaited walk had become a bit of a boggy trudge without any reward.

After lunch and the ascent of Craig Portas I headed across the ridge and up onto Maesglase which although afforded some good views the summit was a bit of a featureless, barren & boggy plateau. With the wind picking up again I didn’t hang around and I headed down the very steep northern slope then followed the footpath down to the A470.


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