A Wildcamp on Cnicht

I have been keeping my eye on the weather for a few weeks now waiting for a perfect window to try out some astrophotography and especially trying to capture the Milky Way. I have to say I’m fairly pleased with the result of my first try. It was 4am when I took the shots and to the naked eye it was pitch black (apart from the stars) so I was surprised to see so much light captured by camera.

I drove over on Friday afternoon hoping to get there in time to walk up Cnicht and camp the other side of the mountain to reduce as much light pollution as possible, but Friday pm traffic meant I arrived in the small tucked away village of Croesor later than planned. This then forced my camp spot to became the large flat area just before the final scramble to the summit. I set about trying to pitch the tent or should I say sail as in the strong wind there were some comedy moments trying to get it set up. I then cooked the evening meal of beef casserole jet boil style. I managed to have a short play with the camera before getting into the wind battered tent.

I woke up just after 3:30 and eventually dragged myself out of the warm sleeping bag by saying to myself “you will regret it if you don’t” I was right! I managed to capture the Milky Way one of the main reasons for the trip, so I was happy. After a further hour or so in the sleeping bag it was time to get up….. again. So a few photos, breakfast and pack the gear away and it was time to set off. The route took me over the summit and along the ridge then down towards Llyn yr Adar. At this point I headed back past the abandoned Rhosydd quarry. I can only imagine what this place was like when fully operational, seems a shame to walk through the old ruins, with rusty engines ruined buildings it looks and feels like a ghost town. I then walked back to Croesor and the car.


2 thoughts on “A Wildcamp on Cnicht

  1. Breathtaking pictures of the milky way (and the rest of course), all the more adoration when reading the time and setting they were taken. Take a bow son!


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